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Travels with Elly:  Reflections on Canada by an RVer and His Dog

by Larry MacDonald

In 1960, American author John Steinbeck traveled across the United States in an RV with his poodle Charley, recording his experiences and musings in Travels with Charley … in Search of America.

Fifty years later, Larry MacDonald travels across Canada in an RV with his poodle Elly, also recording his experiences and musings.  Their objectives were similar: to gain a better understanding of their respective countries.  To provide a canine’s perspective, Elly reflects on things of interest to her, including cats, cows, and other critters…but especially cats!

Excerpt from Travels with Elly: 
On a balmy afternoon in July, the weather turned ugly – shards of lightning, booming thunder, roiling green and black clouds, and an angry wind that shook our trailer unmercifully.  A little brown head bunted my leg, chimpanzee-esque eyes expressing concern.  “Don’t worry,” I said, “The odds of dying in a tornado are 20 million to one.”  It’s the ONE I’m worried about, she replied, continuing her frantic pacing.

Where was Canada’s first settlement?  What is its prettiest town?  When and where was its most devastating shipwreck?  And who was its greatest hero? 

Find out by reading this account of the author’s 10-month journey through a unique and wondrous country, brimming with marvelous natural and man-made icons.

Interspersed between descriptions of history, cultures, and places are the author’s reflections on various things such as Elly’s antics, signage, ferries, political injustice, environmental issues, and animal instincts; but above all, the author’s interactions with its hospitable people make him justifiably proud to be Canadian.

An informative read for armchair travelers with a spirit of adventure, for those wanting to learn more about Canada, and for any cross-Canada traveler, especially RVers and dog lovers.

               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗          

“Finalist” in America Book Fest’s “Best Books Award Competition,” 2019. http://www.americanbookfest.com/nonfictionbooks/animalspets.html

“5-Star Review” in Reader’s Favorite, 2019. https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/travels-with-elly

               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗   

Available worldwide from Amazon or through MSI Press (publisher):   https.msipress.com/

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RV OOPSIES:  101 Dumb Things that RVers do!

by Larry MacDonald

Every year thousands of RVers hit the road ready for fun and adventure … but RVing has some built-in misadventures.  Whether it’s backing into a tree or bending a jack stand, mishaps can and do occur, spoiling an otherwise perfect outing.

For the past 10 years, the author has been asking RVers the same question: “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done while RVing?”  Each year, he gave an award for the dumbest mishap.

In this funny and helpful handbook, 101 of the “dumb,” “dumber” and “dumbest” RV mishaps come together so the reader can learn from other people’s mistakes, saving them unnecessary grief and cash.

With pearls of wisdom such as:

  • Always use a spotter when entering or departing a campsite.
  • Do a walk-around inspection before moving your rig.
  • Never flush out your blackwater tank after dressing for church.

This book weaves smoothly between the practical and the comical and is a great read for all RVers, both veterans and novices alike.

               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗ 

“5-Star Review” in Reader’s Favorite, 2019. https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/rv-oopsies

             ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗               ∗∗∗ 

Available worldwide from Amazon or through MSI Press (publisher):   https.msipress.com/

Note:  If you’re a Friend or Fan of the author, use Code FF25 and receive 25% off from MSI Press.


Diary of an RVer during Quarantine

by Larry MacDonald

This nonfiction book provides a humorous glimpse into a couple’s strategies for surviving two weeks of quarantine within the confines of their RV.  The author’s diary includes his never-ending “to-do” list as well as the couple’s routine and unique activities, such as ordering groceries and restaurant meals online for delivery to their RV site, playing games, and learning new skills such as baking and playing the ukulele.

A major portion of the book is devoted to how full-time RVers might occupy their time fruitfully while staying cooped up during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Reading RV magazines and related books and planning an RV adventure when restrictions are lifted is complemented with excerpts provided from two of the author’s books. Words of wisdom abound: “Stay at home, wash your hands, and enjoy my books.”

Available worldwide from Amazon or through MSI Press (publisher): https://msipress.com/

Note:  If you’re a Friend or Fan of the author, use Code FF25 and receive 25% off from MSI Press.